Cain Savannah is the "Big Bad Wolf " of his genre. 



Court's Whips is based on true events surrounding a love story that eventually turns to murder and devastating chaos throughout the south. This urban legend began when a beautiful young slave girl name Courtney Brooks falls in love with her  slave master's son Areostad Brooks, but Rachel Smith a wealthy vixen on a nearby plantation would stop at nothing to make Areostad hers, not even her BFF Melissa Dubose, who happens to be Areostad's fiancee . Melissa is also Courtney's half sister. The reason Courtney and her family was sold to the Brooks plantation.  Rachel fueled with rage and jealousy had Courtney brutally slain. Courtney's relative a powerful witch doctor and Areostad unleashed the wrath of voodoo to revenge Courtney's death.